• Environmental


Commercial Insurance Associates, LLC Environmental Practice has direct relationships with multiple companies in the pollution insurance marketplace.  Our decades of experience with environmental matters allow us to identify and assess risks and then develop risk transfer and risk management programs unmatched by others.

We can assist all business with their environmental protection needs, including contractor’s pollution, site specific pollution, and transported cargo pollution.  While we hope claims are infrequent, our experience allows us to advocate even difficult pollution related claims in ways that few other agents of our size can.

•    Environmental consultants and contractors
•    UXO and MEC engineers and contractors
•    RCRA and Universal Waste TSD facilities & Landfills
•    Haz and Non-haz waste brokers
•    Haz and non-haz transporters
•    Environmental Contractors
•    Real Estate Related including Brown Field and Superfund Site Placement
•    Rail Road contractors
•    Scrap dealers
•    Auto salvage yards
•    Manufacturers
•    Ethanol industry
•    Health care facilities