• Bonding and Corporate Surety


Commercial Insurance Associates LLC has an experienced bonding staff to provide a wide range of corporate surety bonding services for construction bonds, court & probate bonds, permit bonds and financial guarantee bonds of most any type.

Business owners, particularly contractors, are presented with contract opportunities often with short windows of time in which to prepare their bids and obtain bonds to support their proposals. CIA has established relationships with the senior management and underwriters with bonding companies that are responsive on our clients behalf. These relationships are built on trust and confidence in CIA’s due diligence and representations regarding the contractor and the risks associated with the undertaking.

Whether you have a bond need for $100,000 or $100,000,000 – we have the capability, the surety company relationships and the business acumen to make it happen.

• Contract review & risk assessment
• Financial Information analysis
• Contractor surety prequalification analysis and marketing presentation
• Bond form review
• Establishment and maintenance of annual bonding program with surety
• Competitive pricing on bond rates