Jordan will be interning with CIA for 11 weeks this summer. We are so excited to have you on board, Jordan!

Where are you from?

Gallatin TN

Where are you in school?

“Freed Hardman University in Henderson, TN. Only one semester left!”

How did you get involved with CIA?

“Kevin Pomeroy is a producer here and has been a friend and mentor of mine for three or four years now. I’m involved with Full Count Ministry and got to know Kevin through that.”

What’s your major?

“My major is in Biology, and my minor is in business administration. I’ve planned on pursuing a career in healthcare management, but this experience has pivoted me toward insurance.”

What are your duties at CIA?

“I’m basically in “Producer school.” I’m getting to know all the producers here, learning why they got into the business and what they like and don’t like about it. The most beneficial part of the experience for me so far is that I get to go out in the field with producers and learn first-hand how they are building their book of business. Starting to build a book of business from the ground up is both scary and intriguing. In addition to whatever I can help with while in the office, CIA has encouraged me to schedule meetings with experts from various areas of insurance to learn about their respective roles. By the end of the summer I will have identified three companies with the purpose of selling them insurance and will give a mock proposal to some of the producers.

What do you hope to get out of the internship?

“My goal is a job offer later down the road. I’m definitely future oriented and would love to work in industry, so I’m making the most of the opportunity to increase my knowledge and make connections while I’m here this summer.”

What’s your favorite part about the insurance industry?

“Going out into the field with producers, seeing how they give proposals and how thankful business owners are for the quality our company brings.”

Any tips for others thinking about going into the industry?

“There’s a career for nearly everyone in this industry. A lot of people our age don’t know much about how insurance really works, but you can make a good living doing something you enjoy.”

What’s the culture like at CIA?

“Eat what you kill” is probably the best way to describe it within the producers and their teams. The producers I’ve worked with are laid back in the sense that you make your own schedule but there’s also a lot of duties you have to fulfill. The culture is very team oriented and the teams take pride in what they do, yet it’s competitive in the sense that everyone wants to do the best for their team.”

Do you want to work here or somewhere like CIA in the future?


What’s an interesting fact about you?

“I think I’m ambidextrous. I write with my right hand, I play tennis, ping pong, frisbee, and I even kick right-footed. I do just about everything right-handed except throw and hit a baseball.”

When you’re deciding what kind of career you want to have post college, what are some of the things you take into consideration?

“I want to bring value. For this industry, specifically, there is lots of misunderstanding about what insurance companies do. I’ve learned that there’s a lot of value that the industry brings that people aren’t aware of. Insurance is essential to capitalism – you can’t get a mortgage on your home without having insurance, businesses couldn’t survive without insurance. I wasn’t fully aware of that and I’m glad I’ve been exposed to it.

You get to see how tons of businesses are run and work with CEO’s and CFO’s who are making decisions for these massive operations. It’s a rare career where you get to be involved with so many businesses and see behind the curtain.”

Interested in joining CIA?

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