M & A Review

We are a team of entrepreneurs, and many of us have bought and sold businesses. We are uniquely suited to help, whether you are considering a purchase, merger, or selling a company.

•   On-site Risk Management Evaluations/ Exposure Analysis
•   Review & Implementation of Subcontractor Agreements
•   Surety Bonds
•   Claim Review & Reserve Analysis
•   Indemnification Agreements
•   Target Company Contractual Obligations (Customer, Supplier, Lender)
•   Employee Benefit Program Analysis
•   Loss Forecasting
•   Transactional Insurance
•   Directors & Officers Insurance
•   Environmental Liability
•   Cost Analysis
•   Pre & Post Collateral Requirements
•   Review & Recommendations to Purchase

Our Competitive Edge

Our long-term working relationships with clients, along with our deep understanding of their businesses has given us industry-leading status among our competitors. Our clients understand our rock-solid commitment to limiting their liability and premium costs.