Jacqueline LaFont

Meet Jacqueline LaFont

Jacqueline LaFont joins CIA as a Producer after working in the accounting industry and as a financial analyst for the past seven years. Throughout her years working with CEOs and CFOs in her previous roles, Jacqueline began to realize how much she enjoyed face to face interaction and knew it was time for a change.

She’s excited to be a female entrepreneur in a field that is dominantly men, and is looking forward to owning her own book of business, getting out from behind a computer and being hands on out in the field. Her background as a CPA gives her a unique edge with a different set of skills from most people in the industry.

Jacqueline’s family has lived in Nashville for multiple generations. She grew up in Franklin, attended BGA for High School and played soccer at Bellarmine University in Louisville. She still plays soccer on a co-ed team in Nashville and enjoys hiking and being outdoors as much as she possibly can.


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