Bob Medling

Meet Bob Medling

When you ask him what his favorite part of his job is, Bob Medling says “all of it.”

Medling has worked in insurance for over 40 years in several specialty areas. No matter the industry, Bob is client-focused and driven to find solutions to real, ongoing client issues.

Prior to joining C.I.A., Bob held positions in underwriting, marketing, sales, and management with two major insurance carriers and four national and international brokers.

He joined C.I.A. in 2006 as a principal. Bob’s broad understanding of risk management techniques allows him to help clients identify and control exposures, manage claims, and create programs tailored to their needs. His practice includes the development of specialized programs for landlords of stores leased to national retailers that benefit all parties with improvements in coverage, service, cost, and administration.

He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. Born in East Tennessee, Bob is married and has two children, including Susan Weimer, who is also a principal at C.I.A.


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