Brian Dale

Meet Brian Dale

Brian Dale joined CIA in 2017 after working in the insurance industry for fifteen years.

His insurance career began in the file room, where he worked doing certificates part time in high school.

He then moved into the customer service and marketing fields in the industry, and went on to become an agent in 2004 with a large agency, focusing on transportation. He is the recipient of a Star Designation with Great West Casualty.

Before coming to work as a principal at CIA, he started his own firm in 2007 in North Georgia, and founded a small trucking company.

Brian’s many roles within the insurance industry and in depth knowledge of the transportation field has allowed him to provide a more versatile agent experience for his clients. While his focus at CIA continues to be serving his clients in the transportation industry, he is also able to provide insight into safety and risk management, sit down with DOT audits, and assist with safety meetings with their drivers.

His overall goal is to keep his clients’ safety credentials and insurance premiums low with top tier insurance providers.

He is very dedicated to being a true partner with his clients to meet their desired goals, and in the end his vast experience and versatility creates profitability for them.

Brian Dale has lived in North Georgia since high school, and currently lives there with his wife of five years and four children, two of his own and two step children. In his free time, he loves to take the kids waterfall exploring and cliff jumping in the Chattanooga area, and enjoys drag racing motorcycles at national events.


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