Chris Boyers

Meet Chris Boyers

Chris Boyers knows hard work. He started his career in sales immediately out of high school and worked his way up to sales management before transitioning to real estate and eventually landing as Leader of Producer Development for CIA.


Leaving the cut and dry real estate industry, Boyers enjoys being in a dynamic environment and being able to use the more analytic side of his brain to build new relationships with and provide solutions for clients.


Originally from Boulder, Colorado in the foothills outside of Denver, Boyers has been in sales for over 20 years and in sales leadership for 15 years. In Colorado, he worked in the insurance industry helping insurance brokers market in the area in addition to working in a production and management capacity. He has expertise in various specialties such as real estate, energy and construction.

He fell in love with Nashville for the weather and its family-oriented nature and now lives in Nolensville with his wife and daughter. When he isn’t camping, hunting, fishing, or riding horses with his family, he is enjoying Nashville’s music scene and playing bass, violin, or the trumpet; all of which he has been playing since before he was 10.


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