Will Denbo

Meet Will Denbo

For 11 years, Will Denbo has been a force of personality at C.I.A.

Denbo joined the team after working in London as a property insurance broker at Besso Limited.

He has developed his practice around the needs of the environmental, waste, and recycling industries, currently working with waste companies, auto dismantlers, scrap metal, paper, plastics, & electronics recyclers across the United States.

He is a driving force for growth and talent acquisition for the firm, in addition to servicing his clients at a high level.

Will attended Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville, where he was a two-time high school All American in shot put. He attended the University of Southern California (USC) on a track and field scholarship and graduated with a degree in Public Policy and Development.

Will is an active member of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA).

He is a Nashville native and son of co-founder Don Denbo. While his father influenced his decision to throw the shot put and live in London, he has carved out his own unique niche of clients.

Will is married to Florida native Natalie Hnatusko Denbo and they have two beautiful daughters, Sophie and Olivia.  He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and supporting education and athletic programs at his Nashville alma mater, Montgomery Bell Academy.


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