• M&A Review


Commercial Insurance Associates, LLC understands that the selection of an independent consultant to lead your risk management due diligence process is vital to your business’ M&A needs. We recognize that new owners must adapt to the risk management decisions of their acquisitions as they often assume the liabilities of previous management.

CIA’s dedicated professionals are able to examine unforeseen liabilities and recognize exposures through a focused review of a target’s locations, operations and current insurance program. Our insight during the due diligence process will add value to business acquisitions, identify potential liabilities, protect successive management and strengthen your business operations from the potential mistakes of their predecessors.

• On-site risk management evaluations/ exposure analysis
• Review & Implementation of subcontractor agreements
• Surety Bonds
• Claim review & reserve analysis
• Indemnification Agreements
• Target Company Contractual Obligations (Customer, Supplier, Lender)
• Employee Benefit Program Analysis
• Loss forecasting
• Transactional Insurance
• Directors & Officers Insurance
• Environmental Liability
• Cost analysis
• Pre & Post collateral requirements
• Review & Recommendations to Purchase