Top Oil and Gas Insurance Coverage

Protection for the Energy Industry

Is your business insurance customized for your specific needs?

Does your insurance broker have experience with all types of energy specialization including oil, gas, petrochemicals, or nuclear power?

Are your ancillary services covered with unique risk solutions?

Will your insurance broker work with you to develop a strategic business plan for your company is future?

If your answers to these questions give you a headache, call us today.

The energy industry is constantly evolving and therefore so is your potential for risk. The CIA energy team has deep industry experience and knowledge of the complex risks that could threaten the safety of your employees and the success of your operations. We will build a comprehensive risk management plan that will protect your business and reduce your expenses. Whether you provide oil, petrochemicals, gas, nuclear energy, solar or alternative energies, your business will be covered with us.


Our Competitive Edge

CIA believes in developing trusted working relationships with every client. This rule along with our years of experience in your business has given us industry-leading status among our competitors. You will appreciate our commitment to limiting you risk and building your business