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Protect Your Investment

Are you confident your risk is being properly managed or are you comfortable with receiving a status quo insurance bill every year?

When is the last time your broker reviewed your lease, lender requirements, and other third-party contracts for insurance implications?

Have you ever considered alternative risk financing as a way to return equity to your portfolio?

With a hardening insurance marketplace, carriers are constantly amending policy wording and adding exemptions to coverage do you have confidence that no limiting endorsements are included on your policy?

Does your insurance broker assist you with claims settlement and mitigation strategies?

Will your insurance broker represent you in all situations and all locations?

If you answered no to any or all of these questions, contact us today.

Insurance for Real Estate

Whether you are a developer, owner, or property manager, the risk involved in your work can be vast. Our experienced team will help you develop an innovative risk management program tailored to your specific needs. We represent real estate clients in every region of the United States and have the knowledge and expertise to cost-effectively mitigate risk, even in higher-risk coastal, earthquake, or wind-prone areas.


Our Competitive Edge

CIA believes in developing trusted working relationships with clients. This rule along with our years of experience in your business has given us industry-leading status among our competitors. Our clients appreciate our commitment to limiting their risk and building their business.