Waste Management

As an essential business, waste management companies serve everyone from individual households to large businesses and municipalities. Our team of dedicated professionals have a strong understanding of both local and federal regulations within the waste management space. We work with everyone from local, regional, and national waste hauling companies, to landfills and treatment facilities as well as the contractors and consultants that support them. We assist our clients not only in the placement of their insurance, but with state federal and local compliance, contract review, and an overall strategic safety and risk management plan. We also assist our clients with the placement of environmental surety bonds including reclamation and waste collection, solid waste, hazardous waste, financial guarantee, and closure bonds.  Our customer base and knowledge of the industry have allowed us to develop specific programs in the waste management space and we are able to tailor coverage to our client’s individual needs.


Our Clients include:

  • Residential and commercial waste management services
  • Solid and liquid waste services
  • Hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal “TSD” facilities
  • Non-hazardous composting and bulky waste processors
  • Waste to energy facilities
  • Waste brokering and arranging
  • Reverse logistics and product return (pharma, electronics, consumer products)
  • Environmental contractors (emergency response, cleanup, tank removal)

Our Competitive Edge

Our long-term working relationships with clients, along with our deep understanding of their businesses has given us industry-leading status among our competitors. Our clients understand our rock-solid commitment to limiting their liability and premium costs.